Chasing Waterfalls

Over the years, local and foreign tourists alike continue to visit the island of Cebu.  Although the Philippines has other equally beautiful islands, Cebu still remains at the top when it comes to eco-tourism.  Aside from the different attractions it offers, it also boasts of scenic natural wonders such as beaches, mountains, and numerous waterfalls. If you plan to visit Cebu soon, then make sure to visit these alluring waterfalls and experience the true beauty of nature.

Dao Waterfalls

Adventurous folks will surely have a blast while visiting Dao Falls.  You will get to enjoy the breathtaking views as you climb your way through the jungle to get to the actual falls.  Not to mention, you’ll also traverse the splendid river and canyon that leads to the falls.

Once you cross the bamboo bridge, it’s upriver for a short while before you reach the ”snake”- the S-shaped part of the river.  The snake is a narrow channel of milky, blue-tinged water that’s flanked by limestone on both sides.  Dao Falls is a gorgeous sight to behold, falling 40 meters from the top of the canyon wall. Visitors love to take a swim in the cool, fresh water to refresh themselves after all the hiking.

Candayvic Falls

This charming oasis is located above the more famous Dao Falls.  It was just recently discovered by the locals during the pandemic.  Although Candayvic Falls is a sight to behold as it plummets off a sheer cliff face, the main attraction isn’t the waterfall itself but the blue lagoon that’s found before you reach the actual falls.  It is also surrounded by captivating flora and fauna and it’s also deep enough that many visitors prefer to cliff dive into the lagoon.

Kawasan Falls

If you ask any outdoor enthusiast, what is the most famous waterfall in Cebu then they’ll probably mention Kawasan Falls.  Locals even have a nickname for it – the Gatorade factory because of its bright blue water.   It is perfect for those who don’t want to tackle rugged trails and you can even bring kids with you since it only takes a couple of hours to reach the actual falls.  However, should you want a more challenging experience, then you can take the more physically demanding Kawasan Canyoneering route.  This option allows you to go on a 3-hour canyoneering trek downriver, jumping off several cliffs, navigating rocks, and swimming through the canyon. 

Tumalog Falls

Tumalog Falls

This majestic natural wonder is located in the famous town of Oslob.  You might have heard that Oslob is home to whale sharks, yet it still has a lot more to offer.  Tumalog Falls is not that far from the main highway so you can definitely include this in your itinerary.   Most tourists would head to the falls after their whale shark adventure to unwind and enjoy the gorgeous view.  Tumalog Falls offers a very relaxing and soothing ambiance as the water gently cascades over the mossy limestone walls.  The basin may not be that deep but it’s still a sight to behold.

Mantayupan Falls

Did you know that Mantayupan Falls is considered the tallest waterfall in Cebu?  This grandiose waterfall stands at 98 meters and it’s located in Barili.  It also features a hanging bridge that connects the lower level to the upper falls.  It’s also easy to access the falls because it’s only a short drive from the town center.  Several local and foreign tourists visit Mantayupan Falls and it’s definitely a natural attraction you must not fail to see.

Inambakan Waterfalls

This extraordinary falls features five levels and you’ll find this in Ginatilan in the south of Cebu.  If you’re visiting Moalboal, then you can drop by Inambakan Falls as it would only take about an hour to drive there.  On the bottom level, you’ll find the tallest fall and a huge swimming area where visitors prefer to sit in the nearby picnic sheds.  You can also climb up to the higher levels if you prefer a more quiet and relaxing ambiance.

Lusno Waterfalls

You can reach this hidden gem of a waterfall in 30 minutes if you’re coming from Moalboal.  The journey to Lusno Falls will take you through rustic farmland where you’ll witness local farmers milling about with the water buffalos.  At the end of your hike, you’ll then see the mesmerizing fan-shaped Lusno Falls.  There’s a makeshift picnic hut on the upper level overlooking the falls and a narrow path that leads to the enchanting river below.

Binalayan Falls

Locals have a charming nickname for Binalayan Falls – they call it “Adidas” Falls after its triple stream.  Some people also call it Binalayan Hidden Falls even though numerous people continue to visit it.  On your hike to the falls, you’ll see coconut groves and the river.  A smaller waterfall featuring a rope swing in front will also greet you on the first level.  You still have to climb the steps on the right to get to the main level of the breathtaking falls.  It is an excellent spot for cliff jumping but do note that the water depth is only around 7 ft.

Aguinid Falls

Aguinid Falls features a series of cascading waterfalls and it’s located in Samboan.  It consists of eight levels making it a truly fascinating sight to see.  Each level offers something different and unique such as deep pools of fresh water and mesmerizing natural showers.  Be prepared to climb upriver as you’ll be hoisting yourself up with ropes with your feet stepping on the limestone.  It’s highly recommended that you hire a local tour guide to ensure that you will arrive safe and sound.

Wonderfalls Canyoneering Adventure

If you’re still not satisfied with all the hiking and canyoneering, then head out to Wonderfalls in Alegria for a more intense and challenging adventure.  Compared to Kawasan Falls which can be touristy and predictable, Wonderfalls offers a more rugged and exciting experience.  The stretch of river is also undeveloped so it looks more pristine.  Adrenaline junkies will appreciate it more since Wonderfalls require a lot more climbing, jumping, and swimming.

Cebu is blessed to have such stunning waterfalls and it would be a pity not to visit at least one.  Put on your hiking shoes and experience the natural beauty that awaits you in this tropical paradise.