Friendly & Hospitable Locals

Cebu is located at the heart of the Philippines and it’s also one of the most visited areas in the nation.  The Queen City of the South, as Cebu is fondly called, has enchanting beaches and diving spots and was featured in the list of Best Islands in the World by Condé Nast Traveler. It’s also known for its numerous and breathtaking tourist attractions.  

The Sinulog festival is an annual event that plays a vital role in Cebu’s heritage and culture. It pays homage to Santo Niño (Holy Child) and local and foreign tourists alike flock to Cebu to join the festivities. Ask any Cebu based tour guide about their favorite Sinulog memory and they’ll surely regale you with colorful and sometimes funny anecdotes. However, aside from the magnificent places and extravagant festivals, Cebu still has a lot to offer its visitors. Cebuanos are known to be exceptionally hospitable to tourists. From the moment that you arrive here, you will be greeted with the warmth and hospitality that every Cebuano possesses.

Cebuano Culture, Values & Traits

Cebu’s culture is a product of local and foreign influences. Its music, architecture, dance, and art have a touch of Chinese, Spanish, American, and Japanese culture. These people once occupied parts of the island and until now numerous Chinese families call Cebu their home. Not to mention, it’s also known as the cradle of Christianity in the Philippines.

Yet, the thing that really makes Cebu a top choice for tourists is the locals. Cebuanos are friendly, talented, religious, creative, and resilient.  No matter how dire the situation is, a Cebuano can still smile despite the odds.

From a very young age, Cebuanos are taught to be religious and to practice strong family ties.  The concept of “malasakit” or “kapwa” are also highly evident in the way they empathize with other people. “Bayanihan” which is the display of a spirit of communal cooperation and unity is also still being practiced in Cebu.

Other Cebuano Traits

The Cebuanos are one of the warmest and accommodating people in the country. These admirable traits give them a unique identity thus making tourists appreciate Cebu more. Let’s talk more about the different traits that all Cebuanos have:


While being hospitable is a common Filipino trait, no one can do it better than the Cebuanos. It doesn’t matter if you’re a familiar face or not, they will still welcome you into their homes. They might even offer you some food or refreshments. If there’s one thing that Cebuanos do well, it’s how they make their visitors feel welcomed and taken care of.


Cebuanos are always ready to lend a helping hand. They don’t choose who they want to help. If someone needs assistance, then they will do their best to help that person.

Hard Working

Jose Rizal, the country’s national hero, once berated fellow Filipinos for practicing the Spaniard’s siesta rule and indolence. Cebuanos are definitely not advocates of laziness. They would go the extra mile and are willing to work overtime if the situation calls for it.

Strong Family Ties

It’s a typical thing to witness several families bond together here.  Sometimes, a normal household would be inhabited by extended family members including grandparents and numerous siblings and relatives.  It’s safe to say that Cebuanos are family oriented and you’ll rarely see them living alone by themselves.


Typhoons may visit Cebu several times a year but Cebuanos will still remain optimistic amidst these calamities. No matter what challenges or problems come their way, you’ll still see them carry on with their lives.


Cebuanos will always say thanks when someone has helped them.  No matter how big or small the things they receive, they will always show their gratitude towards the giver.  It’s also common practice to give visitors gifts as a token of appreciation.


It’s obvious that the Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country, and wherever Cebuanos go, they always make sure that they honor God.  No matter where you decide to stay in Cebu, you’re never far away from a church or chapel.

Respect for Elders

Cebuanos have a habit of kissing the hands of their elders – it’s called “Mano”. This act means that they’re asking the elders to bless them. This is closely related to close family ties since you’ll often see the old family members living with their families.


It’s no secret that Cebuanos are super talented and creative. They can make exquisite items out of indigenous or ordinary materials. It’s this resourcefulness that allows them to come up with innovative solutions to various problems.

Cebu is truly a haven for tourists and its people play a vital role in promoting not only their island, but the entire country as well.  Countless tourists come to Cebu and they often go back because of the warm hospitality.  There might be more alluring places and cultures in the world, but only Cebuanos can make you feel at home.